Stay on customers’ minds even after they leave your website.

Ever notice that the banner ads you come across seem to be catered perfectly for you? It’s no coincidence — it is the result of remarketing.

It happens to your business all the time. Potential customers browse your website inventory but leave before submitting a lead form. By running remarketing campaigns, you’ll be able to bring those customers back to your site by using targeted remarketing display ads spread across the web.

How Remarketing Works

Remarketing ExplainedWouldn’t you like your company’s ads to show up in front of your target market as they browse the web? You can achieve this goal with  Strand Media Marketing’s proven strategy of remarketing display ads.

PCG’s Google and Bing Certified specialists create ads that will drastically increase your web presence in front of the specific audience that you want to target. Retargeting display ads can be on websites, in video pre-roll on YouTube or Pandora.

Why Remarketing Works


When a potential customer visits your website, a tracking cookie is saved in their browser. If that customer leaves your site without purchasing something or filling out a lead form, targets ads will follow them around on different websites for a set number of days or web visits.

The goal is for the person to be reminded of your brand and click on the remarketing display ad to be brought back to your website to continue looking at your inventory. You now have a return visitor and a second chance for that prospect to become a customer.

Learn More About Remarketing with Strand Media

As a boutique SEM company, we won’t just help you increase your web presence through display advertising; we will work with you to come up with a custom campaign plan in order to target the most ideal market possible for your business.