Web Development

Your website homepage is like the front door to your business. If you’re not  attracting people visually, how will you get them to trust your brand?

Having dynamic and interactive content is important to make your business look professional online.  Its also important to have a CMS tool which can grow with your business long term and become an integral part of your digital online strategy.

Whether you are looking to modernize your existing online presence, create a mobile responsive site or do a complete rebranding, Strand Media can help you thrive in an increasingly competitive digital space.


More than 30% of all website on the net today are running Worpress as a CMS tool because if its flexibility and its back end user experience.


We can take your business online today by advising on the best eCommerce platforms to be using.  Then design an outstanding eCommerce site on time and on budget.

Mobile Apps

Need an app for your business to take it to the next level.  Just let us know your brief and we can develop what ever you require within the timeframe and budget you set.


Let us help with your database design project.  We can help organise your data to provide efficient and effective retrieval and optimisation